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カバーレターサンプル No.2 ~ 「良いポスドク先を見つける方法 」エッセイ第2回目の備考

posted Jan 30, 2012, 11:37 AM by Yunke Song   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 11:37 AM ]

(右詰め->) December 20, 2007
Dear Professor X,

I am sending an application package in order to be considered as a prospective candidate for post-doctoral researcher in your laboratory at XYZ University.

I have been working on my doctoral thesis entitled "Computational biophysical studies of ABC-XYZ interaction in immunology " under the supervision of Profs. aaa bbb and yyy zzz at Kagaku School of Medicine since 2002, and I anticipate receiving my Ph.D. degree by the end of April 2008. Dr. zzz is an experimental collaborator who provided the tests of our computational predictions. During the course of thesis research, under the parallel computing environments, I have done MD, TMD, and umbrella sampling MD simulations, PMF study of structural conversion, binding free energy calculation, cluster analysis, covariance analysis, and structural analysis. 

As an initial phase, to pursue my scientific interests I would like to develop an interdisciplinary project, which consists of computational biophysics and immunology. If successful, it will help me to apply for other post-doc grants provided by the Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) for at least another two-three years. Although the details could be further developed in discussion with you, the project may lead to developments of therapeutic peptides and small molecules. 

Thus, I would like to ask you whether you would be able to provide a postdoctoral position from around June 2008.

I look forward to your response about the possibility of your support or any other arrangement that will allow me to join your laboratory.

Best regards,
Tamago Kagakusha

Ph.D. Program in Biomedical and Computing Sciences
Department of Structural and Chemical Biology
School of Medicine at Kagaku University
[email protected]